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We are visiting Europe for end of April to End of May, also visiting Australia from End of August to end of September. We also visit most major cities across the Globe and provide personal fitting on site. We want every customer to feel important and we always receive a good response through our mail orders. That is why our success in Europe, United States, Canada, Asia and the Common wealth has earned us international repute.

Would you like to know when we will be in your area? Its easier then ever to find out, just sign up for our schedule and we will email you our visit plan.

If you have a group of people (friends, family, colleagues), Those who are interested in making custom tailor made suits, Inform us a duration of when it’s most convenient for you to arrange this event together on a couple of particular days, or you could give us their contact information so we can communicate directly with them..


Our Fabrics

We has been one of the most respected names in custom tailored clothing, identified with superior fabrics, hand tailoring, and quality.

Why Choose Us

Our suits and shirts are handcrafted using only 100% natural fabrics. We utilize techniques, blend tradition with modern technology to deliver the best.


We are happy to say that we carry some of the finest Suiting, Sports Jackets, Overcoats and Shirting fabrics in the world.